Living a Life of Intention

Living a Life of Intention

In this 12 month course, Robbie will share stories and teachings to expand your self-awareness and your connection to the world.  You will explore your intentional life through soul assignments that may challenge you to stretch beyond your everyday experience. You will find a sense of curiosity and fulfillment with your life and the choices you create.

Every month you will receive a new video class designed to open your heart and mind to the possibilities that surround you. There will be soul assignments for you to do that will ask you to break free of your barriers and limitations. When put into practice each month, these soul assignments will build on each other and you will find yourself with new and powerful habits for setting the intention of living your most beautiful life.


Living a Life of Intention



  • Life as Ceremony
  • For All My Relations
  • Becoming the Hollow Bone
  • Embracing Gratitude
  • Creating Personal Space
  • Perspective and Reframing
  • Celebrating the Inner Child
  • Nurturing a Curious Heart
  • Opening to Your Creativity
  • Recognizing Life Lessons
  • Honoring Your Soul’s Calling
  • Living a Passionate Life