Healer’s Guide to the World

Healer’s Guide to the World

As a Healer you have learned and practiced the techniques of the modality in which you work. Developing the skills you need to hold a healing space for your clients goes far beyond the teachings of your modality. In this 9 week course we will explore the unique challenges we face as Healers.

Every week you will receive a new video designed to expand your thinking and experience as a Healer. You will dive deep into these techniques of developing your own personal practice. You will come to understand your own challenges and barriers that can quickly be reframed into powerful tools for your practice.  We will talk about your unique practice, ethics, shadow work, compensation, attachment, living a life of service and so much more.


Healer’s Guide to the World


  • Empath’s Challenge
  • Shadow Work
  • Becoming the Hollow Bone
  • Creating Your Unique Practice
  • What is Yours to Do?
  • Boundaries and Permission
  • The “M” Word
  • Non-Attachment to Outcome
  • Life of Service