Earth Medicine Healing Intensive; an Animistic Approach to Healing

Earth Medicine Healing Intensive; an Animistic Approach to Healing

The Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine is a bridge between the ancient teachings and the modern world. In our Earth Medicine course teachings, we create a safe space for exploration and growth while knowing that we are all individuals bringing our own experiences into the world.

Earth Medicine is rooted in ancient healing traditions and a way of life from cultures around the planet. The teachings of animism focus on our connection to nature and promote the well-being of all creation.

Animism is the belief that animals, plants, rivers, mountains, and other entities in nature contain an inner spiritual essence. Animism has many forms, which reflect the geographical environment, the religious or spiritual cultural history, and the distinct worldview of the people groups who practice its various expressions. It is found in expressions of shamanism and neo-paganism, as well as other spiritualities.

A Shaman is an intermediary between this world and the spirit world. They act on behalf of the community; conducting ceremonial rituals, healing the people, and helping to guide others on the shamanic path. All shamanic traditions are connected to the universal belief of animism, everything has a spirit and we can connect and learn from all of creation. In this way the shaman helps to maintain balance and harmony on both a personal and planetary level.

This 3-month online intensive is designed to build on the principles and practices in the Fundamentals course. In this course, we will discover the core of healing practices that weaves through ancient beliefs from around the world. This course is designed to provide you with a deeper knowledge of practices and ceremonies to assist you in your path as a healer or to enhance your current Spiritual Practices.

This Intensive Course is expanded from the online course available on the website.  In addition to the 9 hours of teachings, we will have 6 live video calls, a private Facebook group and access to Otter Dance Earth Medicine Practitioners.  All of this is designed to help us go deeper into the teachings and explore our own connection to the animistic beliefs and practices. You will have 12 weeks of focused study and support.

*** NOTE: Earth Medicine Fundamentals – Principles and Practices of Animism is a pre-requisite. You cannot purchase if you have not participated in this course. You can purchase both for a discount. Click here for more information. 


Earth Medicine Healing Intensive; an Animistic Approach to Healing

Must complete Earth Medicine Fundamentals – Principles and Practices of Animism as a pre-requisite

July 14 – Sept 29
(registration closes July 13, 2020)

Session 1 – Working with Sound & Vibration in Healing

  • Chanting, Medicine songs and using the voice for healing
  • Sound and Vibrational Healing Work
  • Calling in your Medicine Song

We are all made of vibrational energy. Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Working with sound is an intentional way that will bring about balance and healing in the physical body. Sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.

Session 2 – Understanding Divination & Working with Sacred Tools

  • Understanding Divination
  • Understanding and working with Sacred Tools

There is a wide range of tools used for healing within the Shamanic practices. Each tool carries a power and intention of its own. Working with these tools is a powerful way to connect to the animistic practices and create relationship with the spirits in order to facilitate healing.

Session 3 – Chord Removal & House/Land Clearing & Blessing

  • Cord Removal
  • House/Land Clearing and blessing

Understanding energy, working with it and recognizing its affect on us is integral to the healing process. Energy healing focuses on the life force that flows through and around all of us; that force that dictates our mood, health, energy, and ability to connect with other beings. Influencing this flow of energy by implementing physical and mental awareness and intention, can bring about profound and replicable results.

Session 4 – Rites of Passage & Working with the Ancestors

  • Rites of Passage
  • Working with the Ancestors

Ceremonies that mark important transitional periods in a person’s life, such as birth, puberty, marriage, having children, and death. Rites of passage usually involve ritual activities and teachings designed to strip individuals of their original roles and prepare them for new roles. Our oldest Ancestors are connected to these rites and can work with us and through us for greater healing and connection.

Session 5 – Working with Power Pieces & Energetic Clearing and Protection

  • Power Loss and Power Pieces Retrieval
  • Energetic Clearing and Protection for Self and Others

Reclaiming personal power pieces (recapitulation) clears up our past, frees up our futures and helps us to become more present in our everyday lives. It is a simple yet powerful practice of working with our belief systems and retrieving our personal energy from whatever beliefs and/or life experiences it is currently wrapped up in.

Session 6 – Quantum Physics and Shamanism

  • Quantum Physics and Shamanism

According to Quantum physics, past and future are not separate, location doesn’t exist, the world only comes into existence once observed, and this thing we call reality is one of many, possibly infinite, interacting dimensions. The Shaman works in this understanding.

Teaching Videos

July 14, 28
Aug 11, 25
Sept 8, 22

Live Calls

July 21
Aug 4, 18
Sept 1,15,29